February/March Leave Notice


At this time, I would like to inform you of my plans to be out of the office for a period of ten days. This leave will have me out of the office beginning on 02/22/2019 thru 03/03/2019. I will return to the office for regular business on 03/04/2019. If you need to be seen in the interim for urgent situations or crises, I have provided specific coverage details described below. In anticipation of my leave, I have outlined a plan for the office to be covered for clinical concerns by my colleague Henry Lucas LCSW, LCADC. I will remain on call for regular business, crises or emergent issues. Mr. Lucas will be utilized at my discretion if a need arises for a face to face clinical appointment or if I am unreachable at any time. If you have a clinically urgent issue or crisis during or outside regular office hours and are unable to reach me at 502-612-6977, then please call or contact Mr. Lucas using the contact information below.

In the event no one is reachable, please follow the On Call & Emergency Plan detailed above and below in this notice. The Crisis & Information Hotline has been provided below and is to be used for any clinical crisis during and or outside of office hours if myself or Mr. Lucas is unreachable. You may also seek crisis stabilization care through your closest emergency hospital if you so desire.

Contact Information for Henry Lucas LCSW, LCADC:

  • Best Contact number for Henry Lucas is 502-767-0415 if you reach a voice mail at either number, you must leave a message if you desire a return call.

Crisis & Information Hotline: The Crisis & Information Center 24 hours / 7 days

(502) 589-4313 or 1-877-589-4259 If you need to discuss this any further or need clarification, please feel free to contact me.

Robert S. Grubbs II MSSW, LCSW, LCADC
Grubbs Counseling & Consulting
Phone: 502-612-6977, Fax: 502-470-5851
Email: robert@grubbscounseling.com